Dollar Store POS

Designed with Discount and Dollar Stores in mind, our thrift store pos system is built to help you control inventory and discounts, track key metrics and sell more products to delight your customers.

Managing thrift, liquidation or dollar stores can be complex. Organizing inventory, calculating COGS, updating discounts, and keeping your books up to date can take valuable time.

Rapid’s comprehensive discount store POS system and inventory management software helps you easily manage inventory and discount schedules, and gives you key insights into your top dollar store categories, so you know which types of items to discount, when. Automate these processes so you can focus less on your dollar store operations and more on what matters - your customers.

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Custom built features designed for your dollar store

POS Feature: Inventory Control & Managment
Inventory Management

Easily sort and tag inventory from customer drop-offs and truck shipments from your dollar store pos system. Gain visibility to your best and worst sellers by department, track sell-through rates and track serial numbers for high value items at your dollar store. 

POS Durable Hardware and Updates
Automated Purchasing

Optimize your dollar store inventory levels through automated purchasing for re-orderable items, track stock levels, and set thresholds for your dollar store retail business straight from your pos system.  

POS Feature: Item Pricing and Promotions
Easy Item Pricing

Seamlessly define dollar store price points, discount schedules and one-of-a-kind items. Keep track of promo items and bulk sales with the push of a button on your thrift store pos system. 

POS Feature: Advanced Business Reporting
Real-Time Reporting

Utilize instant reports, weekly summaries and dashboards to ensure business operations are profitable and running efficiently, all straight from your dollar store pos system. 

POS Feature: Customer Loyalty & Email Marketing
Customer Profiles & Loyalty

Encourage repeat customers and provide a great experience with enhanced loyalty programs and targeted email marketing straight from your dollar store pos system. Turn your first-time customers into life-long advocates of your business with our dollar store sale system! 

Accounting Integration

We connect with the top accounting solutions in the industry, eliminating the need for manual entries and significantly reducing human errors.

automated alerts
Secure & Speedy Checkout

Rapid offers an adaptable, intuitive, and simple touch interface that makes checkout lightning fast, securely accepting and processing all types of payments including EBT, cash, credit/debit and gift cards in our dollar store pos point of sale system.

Asset 13
Labor Management

Easily manage shifts and ensure sufficient coverage with time clock functions for full time employees and volunteers and implement security restrictions by employee level so you can keep up with employee management and employee performance, straight from our thrift store pos systems. 

POS Feature: Mobile POS option
Mobility: Truly Mobile POS

Work when and where you need to in your dollar store. Look up real-time inventory management, order products from vendors, sell items to customers, and communicate important information to your staff with our sale system on your thrift store point of sale software. 

And More!

We have a variety of customizable features and options available in our thrift store pos software. Set up a call today to discuss your business needs and determine the best custom solution.

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Immediate benefits you’ll realize from Rapid’s Dollar Store POS Software

Easy and real-time access to information about your inventory management, customers, vendors and overall business operations straight from our dollar store pos systems.



Create a checkout experience that is accurate, simple, and secure with our sale system and dollar store pos software.

Customer Satisfaction

Improve every touchpoint with your customer to build and strengthen customer loyalty and word-of-mouth promotion with our sale system. 

Customer Satisfaction


Advanced Connections to Enhance your Business Operations

No POS system can solve every headache on its own for your dollar store. Rapid’s dollar store POS solution brings a suite of integrated best-in-class tools to expand the functionality and utility of your system in ways you’ve only dreamed about. Some of our most popular integrations for dollar stores include:

Connected Commerce Grocery Store POS System
There is nothing more important and yet more arduous, than taking inventory. Rapid POS make taking inventory more efficient and more accurate.
Tammy D.
Manchester, NH.

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