Always-On Technology

Rapid POS’s Safe Sync allows you to process credit cards and transactions even if you aren’t able to connect to the Internet or your servers. Once connectivity is restored, Rapid POS automatically re-syncs, ensuring credit cards are processed and inventory levels are updated.

You never know how much you rely on something until it doesn’t work. If your internet connection goes out, it can cause havoc to your business operations.

Safe Sync gives you the confidence to maintain normal operations, whether you have a connection or not.

Safe Sync features designed with you in mind

POS Feature: Item Pricing and Promotions
Uninterrupted Sales

Continue to ring purchases during any network or connection problems, regardless of the outage length.

POS Feature: Always-On Technology & Safe Sync
4G Failover

Always stay connected, even during an internet outage! Our 4G Failover automatically takes over so you can seamlessly process transactions real-time.

automated alerts
Credit Card Processing

Even without a connection, credit card sales are uninterrupted and automatically processed when re-connected.

POS Feature: Mobile POS option

With Safe Sync, you can take your POS on the go!

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Immediate benefits you’ll realize from Rapid’s POS Software
Always stay connected regardless of internet outages
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money turnover right
Increase business revenue by reducing down time
Reach your customers anywhere - in store or off site!
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