Clothing & Footwear POS

Our POS is designed with Clothing and Shoe Stores in mind, to allow you to run a more efficient and profitable operation. Enhance your customer satisfaction, and improve your bottom line.

With complex color and size combinations, constantly shifting seasonal demands and the growing pressure of e-commerce, things can be complex for clothing stores.

Rapid provides a comprehensive clothing store POS and inventory management software to help you easily manage inventory, sell online, and manage multiple locations with ease, so you can focus less on your store operations and more on what matters - your customers.

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Custom built features designed for your apparel store

POS Feature: Inventory Control & Managment
Omni-Channel Inventory Control

Keep the best styles in stock with inventory management software that allows you to easily track and manage inventory across your online and brick-and-mortar stores. Easily gain visibility to your best and worst sellers, item costs and profit margins. 

POS Feature: Customer Loyalty & Email Marketing
Customer Relationship Management

Drive repeat customers by utilizing enhanced customer loyalty features like email marketing, gift cards, loyalty programs, customer data profiles, and more to turn your first-time customers into life-long advocates of your business!

POS Feature: Mobile POS option
Mobility: Truly Mobile POS

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, your mobile clothing store pos system will handle almost everything your main POS terminal(s) can. Look up real-time inventory, order products from vendors, complete transactions on or off site, and communicate important information to your staff.

POS Feature: Online Sales/eCommerce
Integrated eCommerce

Seamlessly integrate with your preferred eCommerce platform – allowing you to easily merge your digital marketplace with your brick-and-mortar operations. Sync your point of sale easily.

Asset 9
Merchandising Reports

Unlock insights hiding in your point of sale data with easy-to-use reports focused on turn rates, profitability, weeks of supply on hand, and sell-thru-%. Data at your fingertips with comprehensive business intelligence tools that provide real-time insight to your operations so you can make decisions.

POS Feature: Fast Checkout
Speedy Checkout

We understand the need for speedy checkout, especially during the seasonal rush. Rapid offers an adaptable, intuitive, and simple touch interface that makes point of sale checkout lightning fast.

Inventory 2
Apparel Grids

Manage size runs with customized flexibility to stock a single inventory item in multiple colors, sizes, lengths and widths so you can spend less time ordering and more time on your window displays! 

Orders and Layaways - O
Promotions & Discounts

Easily set up and manage promotions for special occasions and mark down seasonal items to make room for new inventory. Apply discounts on the fly to a full ticket or individual items or set-up pre-programmed discounts on the point of sale.

Multi-Store Management

With full visibility across your enterprise, seamlessly balance inventory reports, perform transfers, manage pricing, analyze shrinkage and more. Make better decisions with comprehensive business intelligence tools that provide real-time insight to your operations with our retail pos systems. 

Open-to-Buy and Automated Purchasing

What fun are clipboards? Automate your purchasing, track stock levels, and manage special orders at the push of a button. Plan seasonal buying budgets to reduce overspending and ensure you meet your revenue goals. 


Keep your employees and staff happy by avoiding the headache of manual commission tracking. Commissions can be calculated per item or ticket, and based on sales amount or gross profit. Not to mention, you can split them across multiple salespeople on one ticket!

POS Feature: Financials and Accounting Integrations
Accounting Integration

We connect with the top accounting solutions in the industry, eliminating the need for manual entries and significantly reducing human errors. Easy to use for retail clothing stores and shoe store.

And More!

We have a variety of customizable features and options available. Set up a call today to discuss your business needs and determine the best custom solution, whether it’s a boutique pos or a shoe store pos.

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Immediate benefits you’ll realize from Rapid’s POS Software:

Easy and real-time access to information about your inventory, customers, vendors and overall business operations.



Create a checkout experience that is accurate, simple, and secure. Making retail management simple.

Customer Satisfaction

Improve every touchpoint with your customer to build and strengthen customer loyalty and word-of-mouth promotion.

Customer Satisfaction

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Advanced Connections to Enhance your Business Operations

No POS system can solve every headache on its own. Rapid’s POS system brings a suite of integrated best-in-class tools to expand the functionality and utility of your system in ways you’ve only dreamed about. Some of our most popular integrations include:

Connected Commerce Grocery Store POS System
We have witnessed substantial growth in our business since we started using a pos system. The key to our success is that the POS system has allowed us to become more efficient and focus more on the growth of our business.
Carlsbad, CA

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