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Access real-time sales figures, costs and inventory levels with more than 220 standard reports. See the data that is uniquely important to you, control your expenses and maximize your profits with Rapid POS!

Your business has a variety of needs when it comes to reporting. From real-time inventory levels, to in-depth customer analysis, or even employee metrics.

Rapid POS gives you access to these insights and much more! Gain the insight you need to be more efficient at managing your operations, while making decisions that will increase your bottom line.

Reporting features designed with you in mind

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Key Performance Indicators

Quickly see important retail KPIs: Turns, GMROI, transaction average, profit percent, days of supply, best and worst selling products, etc.

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Customize your Reports

Organize groups and filter reports by almost anything you can imagine. Predefine reporting parameters, select specific data points, apply visuals and share reports directly with your team.

POS Feature: Financials and Accounting Integrations

Generate reports on critical data points such as costs, sales, inventory valuation, tax, profits, and adjustments. Automatically feed information to your accounting platform with Rapid’s advanced accounting integrations.

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Sales History

Easily access your customer’s purchase history at the register and view historical sales data with pre-set or customized date ranges.

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Advanced Business Intelligence

Set up-to-the-minute sales data on any desktop, tablet, or mobile device using Microsoft Power BI’s powerful and flexible data visualizations. Turn your data into actionable insights using one of the highest rated business intelligence platforms.

Detailed Auditing

Audit items sold, received, and adjusted from inventory to identify irregularities. Take action by verifying vendor costs, adjusting profit margins, and reducing shrink to increase your bottom line. 

An easy-to-use tool that offers live dashboard insights for your business. Harness the power of cloud technology to see real-time dashboards for Flash Sales, Category Detail, Store Detail, Daily Trend, Zip Code and YTD Analysis, and more!


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Know exactly which items sell and which don't with in-depth reports

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