Pet Store POS System

Our Pet Store POS is designed with Pet stores, groomers, and retailers in mind and goes beyond the generic, off the shelf competitors. With features like frequent purchaser programs, ecommerce, alternate unit management, and more, Rapid ensures your pet store operates seamlessly and efficiently in every aspect.

With the need for inventory management, purchasing, and custom pricing based on weight and length, we know that pet stores have a variety of unique needs.

That’s why Rapid provides a comprehensive POS and inventory management software to help simplify your operations, improve your bottom line, and allow you to spend more time focusing on what matters - your customers.

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Custom built features designed for your Pet Store:

POS Feature: Customer Loyalty & Email Marketing
Frequent Purchaser Programs

Elevate your pet retail experience with our innovative frequent purchaser programs, designed to cultivate strong customer relationships and foster loyalty. Tailor loyalty tiers to suit individual preferences, while seamless tracking provides insights into buying patterns. Engage through personalized communication and enhance the pet owners shopping experience. 

POS Feature: Inventory Control & Managment
Inventory Control

Powerful inventory software offers the convenience of sorting items by size, color, and blend, making it effortless to organize your diverse range of products. From bulk management, spoilage tracking, and customizable sorting, you can take charge of your pet store inventory. Gain insights into best sellers, costs, and profits with ease. Streamline your inventory control and make informed decisions seamlessly.

Inventory 2
Alternate Unit Mangement

In the world of pet retail, efficient operations are key. Rapid POS goes beyond the norm, offering a game-changing feature: alternate unit management. Seamlessly handle different unit measurements for pet products, whether it’s kibble by weight or treats by quantity. This versatile tool ensures accurate inventory tracking, pricing, and sales, simplifying the complexities of the pet store business and enhancing overall efficiency.

POS Durable Hardware and Updates
Rugged POS Hardware

Tailored specifically for pet stores, our POS hardware offers enduring reliability and connectivity, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for both customers and their furry companions. Our POS terminals come with a world-class warranty/replacement program providing a stronger return on your investment.

POS Feature: Online Sales/eCommerce
Integrated eCommerce

Rapid seamlessly integrates your pet store with a variety of eCommerce platforms -allowing you to merge your  online pet marketplace with your physical store presence. Effortlessly manage inventory across platforms and ensure streamlined operations. Track customers and manage orders in one unified platform.

POS Feature: Customer Loyalty & Email Marketing
Customer Relationship Management

Build customer profiles, record shipping info and track special orders. Enhance the customer experience with automated email marketing, account management, loyalty programs, gift cards and more. Turn your first-time customers into life-long advocates of your business!

Asset 9
State & Federal Compliance Tools

Stay current with cutting-edge tools crafted to ensure your adherence to both state and federal regulations concerning all types of feed products you offer in your pet store’s feed division.

Orders and Layaways - O
Multi-Level Pricing & Promotions

Customize pricing tiers for different customer groups such as farmers, ranchers, distributors, and more in your pet store. Automatically assign the appropriate pricing structure using stored customer profiles. Easily offer discounts in real-time or configure preset discount options with ease.

POS Feature: Integrated Scales & Weight Barcodes
Barcoding &
Label Printing

Effortlessly create barcoded pet tags, cage labels, stickers, and durable waterproof labels using our integrated POS system and specialized hardware. Personalize these labels to provide essential information to customers and effectively showcase your unique pet store brand.

supply scheduling
Scheduling Tools

Streamline your grooming salon operations with our scheduling tools designed specifically for pet groomers. Easily schedule appointments, allocate grooming sessions, and ensure your four-legged clients receive the pampering they deserve, all while optimizing your staff’s efficiency and maximizing your business’s tail-wagging success.

POS Feature: Fast Checkout
Speedy Checkout

We recognize the importance of swift checkouts, especially during peak seasons for pet stores. Effortlessly and securely handle transactions using our versatile, user-friendly touch interface, ensuring a seamless payment experience that keeps up with the hustle and bustle of busy times.

POS Feature: Advanced Business Reporting
Advanced Business Analytics

As a pet store owner, you can effortlessly keep records, review, and generate comprehensive reports for all your sales transactions. Gain valuable insights with seasonal and yearly analyses. Furthermore, enjoy the convenience of receiving real-time data visualization reports directly on your mobile device.

POS Feature: Mobile POS option
Mobility: Truly Mobile POS

Efficiently oversee your inventory while providing assistance to customers within the store, yard, warehouse, or wherever your presence is required. Our robust and portable hardware, tailored for pet stores, is crafted to match your adaptability, ensuring seamless operations wherever you go.

Asset 13
Effortless Labor Management

Streamline employee reporting and performance analysis, monitor work hours, oversee commission management, and enforce security protocols based on employee roles for seamless operations.

POS Feature: Financials and Accounting Integrations
Accounting Integration

We seamlessly integrate with leading accounting solutions within the industry, eliminating the requirement for manual data entry and substantially minimizing the occurrence of human errors, specifically designed to benefit pet stores.

And More!

We have a variety of customizable features and options available. Set up a call today to discuss your business needs and determine the best custom solution.

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Immediate benefits you’ll realize from Rapid’s Pet Store POS:

Easy and real-time access to information about your inventory, customers, vendors and overall business operations.



By streamlining your operations and integrating advanced features, we make pet stores more efficient with our POS, ensuring a checkout experience that is not only accurate, simple, and secure, but also enhances overall customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction

Improve every touchpoint with your customer to build and strengthen customer loyalty and word-of-mouth promotion.

Customer Satisfaction

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Advanced Connections to Enhance your Business Operations

No POS solution can solve every headache on its own. Rapid’s POS solution brings a suite of integrated best-in-class tools to expand the functionality and utility of your system in ways you’ve only dreamed about. Some of our most popular integrations include:

Connected Commerce Grocery Store POS System

I like being able to take away many of the ‘manual’ functions my staff was doing with our previous system. The user interface is very user friendly for my staff that ranges in age across the board.
Holly D
Boston, MA.


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