Dedicated staff ready to assist you at all times

Support you receive with Rapid POS

Dedicated project manager

Have a specified team member guide you through implementation and handle your business relationships. At Rapid POS you aren’t a number, you are a partner.

Remote & on-site installation

Get the expert help you need to install and run your new system. Have a Rapid POS expert run the process in-person or remotely.

Resource library

Gain access to a wealth of resources that provide in-depth knowledge into system upkeep, dashboard set-up, and other information that can help you run your business.

Ready to get started?

Why partner with us?

POS Feature: Customer Loyalty & Email Marketing

We value personal relationships

From a dedicated sales consultant to assigned project leads for implementation and training, you’ll never feel like just another customer. You are part of our family.

Always by your side

We take our service commitment very seriously. Whether your store is open or closed, we are here for you. You can operate with the reassurance that our expert support staff is with you every step of your day.​

POS Feature: Labor Management

We don't believe in high-pressure sales

We want to share with you what we’ve created and if it aligns with your business goals, great. If you decide the timing isn’t right, we’ll wait.​

We always put our best foot forward

Negotiating pricing is never fun, but we do our best to make the discussion as painless as possible. We always offer our best price up front and we work with your budget. We promise no surprises

We only sell what you need

POS systems are complicated and we do everything we can to get you exactly what you need now—nothing more. You can always add features and functionality down the road and we do our best to work with your existing hardware.​

We've been at this since 1985

We’ve learned a thing or two over the years, but most importantly we’ve paid attention (a lot of attention) to retailers. Many solutions on the market today sell themselves as retail experts, but they only slapped a label on an existing product. We custom built our solution based on years of working with businesses just like yours.​

We are in the 'solutions' business

We never say no to a good challenge and we look forward to developing a creative solution that meets your requirements and budget.​


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