Transform your existing system into a data powerhouse

A great POS solution should integrate seamlessly with your business financials. Rapid’s POS system integrates with the top accounting solutions so your data is directly transferred, automating entries and reducing human error. Easily access real-time data to make smart decisions quickly and optimize your profitability.

Transferring accounting data doesn’t have to be a tedious, time-consuming process.

Rapid POS offers solutions that integrate directly to your accounting system so you can optimize your time and increase efficiency.

Accounting features designed with you in mind

automated alerts
Seamless Integration

All major accounting software solutions are supported so you can continue to use your existing system and instantly turn it into a more powerful tool.

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Automated & Real-Time Data

Sync Rapid POS and your accounting software to reduce manual data entry and human error.

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Easy Cross-Referencing

Always be ‘audit-ready’ with the ability to cross-reference your general ledger (GL) with any transaction in your merchandising system.

Automated Purchasing - O
Quick Adjustments

Quickly make post-receiving adjustments – Rapid POS will automatically update average cost even if you have already sold some of the inventory.

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Make informed decisions with Rapid’s in-depth data and analytics.

Sales History - O
Easy Tracking

Review vendor accounts and purchase orders with ease, making payables a non-cumbersome task. Seamlessly manage complex tax requirements with our advanced software integration. 


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Immediate benefits you’ll realize from Rapid’s POS Software
Connected data and integrated workflows
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Reduce manual data entry with automatic data sync
Easily manage compliance with integrated tax software
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Increased visibility into store operations and real-time financials

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