Track stock levels quickly and efficiently

Ensure that your physical inventory operations run smoothly and accurately with Rapid POS. With dedicated project managers and tools that improve efficiency, you can reduce time and improve accuracy of your physical counts.

Your business needs to manually adjust stock records periodically. The physical inventory process can be time-consuming and riddled with errors, costing you money.

Rapid POS provides you the necessary scanners, tracking software, and strategies to maximize your operational efficiency and accuracy.

Physical Inventory features designed with you in mind

POS Durable Hardware and Updates
Rugged Inventory Handheld

These devices help your operation run more smoothly and drastically decrease time needed to perform a count.

POS Feature: Customer Loyalty & Email Marketing
On-site & Remote Assistance

Our experts are here to help! We offer the option to have a dedicated member to assist you. We train and educate employees and help perform the physical inventory.

System-wide Integration

We simplify the process by offering a streamlined system that can immediately sync with all aspects of your business so you can get updated numbers and insights within minutes.

Sales History - O
Variance Insights

With Rapid you can immediately see discrepancies, helping determine the source of the problem.

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Meet with a product specialist and see firsthand how our physical inventory features will help your business and your bottom line.

Immediate benefits you’ll realize from Rapid’s POS Software
Improve accountability with accurate inventory data
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Streamline inventory counts with dedicated project management
Increase efficiency with handheld inventory scanners
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