Grocery Store POS for Specialty Supermarkets, Delis & Ethnic Shops

Our Grocery Store POS is designed with Grocery Stores & Specialty Food Markets in mind and is robust at its core. Unlike typical grocery POS systems, our software comes with advanced integrators to enhance grocery operations and improve your bottom line.

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With seasonal demands and weight based costs, things can be complex for specialty retailers such as meat, grocery, candy and ethnic markets. Learn why Rapid POS is trusted by grocery stores and supermarkets like:

  • Delis, Meat Markets and Butchers
  • Candy Stores and Sweet Shops
  • Ethnic Markets and International Grocers

Rapid provides a comprehensive point of sale system and inventory management software to help simplify operations, improve your bottom line, and allow you to spend more time focusing on what matters - your customers.

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Custom Grocery Store POS Software Features:

POS Feature: Integrated Scales & Weight Barcodes
Integrated POS Scales

Rapid connects with a variety of weight scales directly into the point of sale, including countertop, in-counter scanner-scales and label printing scales to meet most grocery stores weighing needs, perfect for delis, bakeries, meat markets, and produce shops! 

POS Feature: Inventory Control & Managment
Robust Inventory Management

Powerful inventory tracking software enables you to reduce shrinkage, prevent stock outs, automate stock replenishments and direct store deliveries. The grocery store pos can be configured for single or multiple locations to mange inventory across the board. Easily gain visibility to your best and worst sellers, item costs, low stock alerts and profit margins with our sale system. 

POS Feature: Always-On Technology & Safe Sync
ALWAYS-ON Technology

Keep your grocery store pos transactions flowing! Our pos system technology allows you to handle credit card processing and customer transactions even if you aren’t able to connect to the internet or network. 

POS Feature: Fast Checkout
Speedy Checkout

We understand grocery stores need speedy checkout, especially during the seasonal rush. Rapid offers a simple touch interface for checkout lanes and self checkout terminals on our grocery store pos system. Securely process payments including EBT. If your market sells alcohol or tobacco products, Rapid offers instant age verification with driver license scanning. Rapid is RACS Compliant for JUUL Retailers.

POS Feature: Advanced Business Reporting
Advanced Business Analytics

Grocery store owners need to retain, view, and report complete details of every sale made, plus seasonal and yearly analysis. Rapid’s grocery store pos system offers real-time sales, data visualization and inventory management reports straight to your cell phone.

POS Feature: Customer Loyalty & Email Marketing
Customer Relationship Management

Build customer profiles, record shipping info and track special orders. Enhance the customer experience with automated email marketing, account management, loyalty programs, gift cards and more in our grocery store pos system. Turn your first-time customers into life-long advocates of your business.

POS Feature: Online Sales/eCommerce
Integrated Ecommerce

Rapid can integrate your grocery store with a variety of eCommerce platformsallowing you to seamlessly merge your online grocery marketplace with your brick and mortar stores , and keep track of your inventory management across platforms. Allow your staff to process mobile payments with a virtual payment option to take your specialty grocery stores on the go. The system manages in store and online store sales in one place. 

POS Feature: Mobile POS option
Mobility: Truly Mobile POS

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, your mobile point-of-sale device will handle almost everything your main grocery store POS system terminal(s) can. Look up real-time inventory, order products from vendors, complete transactions on or off site, and communicate important information to your grocery stores staff.

POS Feature: Labor Management
Effortless Employee Management

Automate labor and employee management reporting and performance analysis, track employee hours, manage commissions, and implement security restrictions by employee level with our grocery store pos system. 

POS Durable Hardware and Updates
Rugged POS Hardware

Rapid offers a full suite of retail features and commercial-grade modern pos hardware that is durable, connected, adaptable and comes with a world-class warranty/replacement program, working seamlessly with our software and inventory management. From the cash drawer and receipt printer to scanner-scales and barcode scanners, Rapid provides proprietary hardware to cover all grocery store owners’ needs.

POS Feature: Item Pricing and Promotions
Item Pricing & Bottle Deposits

Define multiple price levels, contract prices, markdowns, and quantity discounts. Grocery pos system cost management is easy with price rules that automatically adjust on a transaction. Ease compliance requirements with managing state specific bottle deposits, allowing grocery stores to thrive with our pos systems.

POS Feature: Financials and Accounting Integrations
Accounting Integration

We connect with the top accounting solutions in the industry eliminating the need for manual entries and significantly reducing human errors, so you can focus on customer management and sales reporting.

And More!

Rapid offers the top pos systems for grocery retailers and have a variety of customizable features and options available within our system. Set up a call today to discuss your business needs and determine the best custom solution that help grocery and convenience stores thrive.

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Core Grocery Store POS System Features:

Knowing what you have in stock is critical. Even more important is understanding how much you should have on hand to service customer demand without ordering too much. Rapid’s grocery store pos systems powered by NCR Counterpoint give you the tools to supercharge your business with advanced inventory management to make fact-based buying decisions that help achieve higher profitability and reduce risk. 


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How do you grow and maintain a loyal customer base? Rapid POS integrates customer relationship management (CRM) features that help you transform one-time customers into dedicated fans. Our POS software integrates with email marketing tools so grocery stores can automate alerts. Build loyalty programs to offer rewards to frequent purchasers. Communicate with customers and analyze purchase behaviors to tailor experiences so customers come back again and again!

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Connecting your online store with your in store inventory can be tricky. Rapid POS takes the work out of maintaining both a digital and brick-and-mortar store by automatically syncing inventory and transaction details between the two – eliminating the need for entering the same information in multiple systems. Our open architecture allows you to select a variety of 3rd-party eCommerce platforms!

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A great POS solution should integrate seamlessly with your business financials. Rapid’s POS system integrates with the top accounting solutions so your data is directly transferred, automating entries and reducing human error. Easily access real-time data to make smart decisions quickly and optimize your profitability.


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Rapid POS’s Safe Sync Mode allows you to process credit cards and transactions even if you aren’t able to connect to the Internet or your servers. Once connectivity is restored, the grocery store pos software automatically re-syncs, ensuring credit cards are processed and inventory levels are updated.


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Combine Rapid’s grocery store pos systems with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to enhance how your business plans and executes operations. Reach optimal performance with enhanced insights, track sales, see customer trends, predict and monitor inventory levels, improve employee impact and manage financials across your business.

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Access real-time sales figures, costs and inventory levels with more than 220 standard reports. See the sales reports that are uniquely important to you, control your expenses and maximize your profits with Rapid POS!

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A well-executed customer loyalty program, is proven to help you attract both new and repeat customers. With our grocery store pos systems, it’s easy to set-up a robust and data-driven customer loyalty program that offers customers coupons, discounts, rewards, and more! And with detailed customer profiles, you can analyze customer behaviors to make informed decisions about inventory and overall operations.


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You work hard to attract customers. The last thing you want is long wait times and complicated checkout procedures. Our grocery store pos systems offer solutions designed with industry-best practices in mind to ensure guests have worthwhile experiences that keep them coming back, and keep your checkout lines moving. From utilizing a barcode scanner to self checkout, grocery stores can offer the shortest lines.


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Rapid’s Mobile Solution is your best POS system for software on the go. Look up real-time inventory, order products from vendors, sell items to customers, and communicate important information to your staff. Whether delivering a custom order, working a special event, or on the sales floor, Rapid’s powerful POS system is at your fingertips!


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Our built-in grocery store pos features a high level of security to help protect your customers from hackers, petty thieves, employees with sticky fingers, and every other imaginable breach. Whether your concern is data security, compliance, theft, or proprietary info access, Rapid POS systems has your back.

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Gone are the days of punching time cards and manually calculating hours. With Rapid POS, labor management transforms from an administrative nuisance to a powerful tool in your profitability kit. By automating many of the mundane tasks, Rapid POS gives you time back in your day to focus on staff performance and growth.


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Advanced Connections to Enhance Grocery Stores Business Operations

No POS solution can solve every headache on its own. Rapid’s grocery store pos system brings a suite of integrated best-in-class tools to expand the functionality and utility of your system in ways you’ve only dreamed about. Some of our most popular integrations include:

Connected Commerce Grocery Store POS System

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Immediate benefits you'll realize from Rapid's Advanced POS System:


Seamlessly retrieve a wealth of comprehensive information regarding your inventory levels, customers, vendors, and the overall operational efficiency of your business. Empower yourself with real-time data that allows you to make informed decisions and optimize your business strategies. Harness the power of knowledge to propel your grocery store to new heights.


Enhance the efficiency of your store to create an accurate, streamlined, and secure checkout experience with our grocery store pos system. By prioritizing efficiency, grocery stores can provide a seamless and hassle-free checkout process for enhanced customer satisfaction and operational effectiveness.

Customer Satisfaction

Utilize the features and capabilities of your POS system to enhance customer interactions at every stage, from seamless checkout experiences to personalized recommendations based on purchase history. By integrating the point of sale system into your customer service strategy, you can create exceptional experiences with your customers, fostering loyalty and driving positive word-of-mouth promotion for your store.

Customer Satisfaction
Rapid has the best pos system for grocery stores. They exceeded our expectations by accommodating our unique business needs, including seamless integration with our accounting software. This has proven to be a tremendous time-saver, allowing me to allocate more attention to vital aspects of my business. Thanks to Rapid, I have been able to streamline my operations and prioritize tasks that contribute to the growth and success of my business.
Jordan D. - Los Angeles, CA