Stock management made simple

Knowing what you have in stock is critical. Even more important is understanding how much you should have on hand to service customer demand without ordering too much. Rapid POS gives you the tools to make fact-based buying decisions that help achieve higher profitability and reduce risk.

One of the most challenging aspects of running a retail business is managing inventory.

Our robust inventory management tools assist you in monitoring stock levels and inventory movement in real-time. Automatically generate and reconcile purchase orders, manage back orders, transfer items between stores, and more with Rapid POS!

Inventory Management features designed with you in mind:

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Item Organization

Organize an unlimited number of products by categories and subcategories, define by size, style, brand, etc., and track by location (i.e. bin, aisle, stock room).

Automated Purchasing - O
Automated Purchasing

Dynamically reorder stock based on replenishment, min/max, or days of supply for a group of items based upon any sales period to keep the best stock on-hand.

Sales History - O
Detailed Auditing

Audit items sold, received, and adjusted from inventory to identify irregularities. Take action by verifying vendor costs, adjusting profit margins, and reducing shrink to increase your bottom line.

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Data at your fingertips! Easily pull inventory valuation, aging, merchandise analysis, GMROI, and retail value reports to make your best informed business decisions. 

Labels - O
Label Printing

Customize and print store-branded shelf, sticker, and hang tags for all items in inventory.

Item/Vendor Tracking

View receiving documents by item/vendor to determine which items meet the criteria for vendor incentives or discounts. Accurately pay vendors by reconciling invoices against receivings and making any necessary adjustments.

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Immediate benefits you’ll realize from Rapid’s POS Software
Real-time reporting of all items in your inventory
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Save time with automated inventory tracking & replenishment
Maintain better visibility with a streamlined audit process
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Easily manage and control inventory with an organized item database

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