Are you impacted by Quickbooks POS going End of Life in October?

Even before the recent end-of-life announcement, we have been helping customers transition from QuickBooks POS. Learn why Rapid is the leading QuickBooks POS alternative.

October will be here soon and it takes about 90 days to implement your POS system. Start the conversation today!

If you have to change systems, don’t go backwards with an inferior solution

Rapid’s point-of-sale system is a great successor system choice when you are looking for QuickBooks POS alternatives. 

With advanced inventory & tracking, more robust bookkeeping & accounts solutions, and greater integrations & flexibility, this is your chance to upgrade. Rapid is a great option for your business!

We aren't kidding about this being an upgrade. Here are some features that Rapid POS offers that the QuickBooks POS system does not support

Inventory & Tracking

Bookkeeping & Accounts

Integrations & Flexibility

Existing QuickBooks POS customers who transition to Rapid POS, one of the top QuickBooks POS alternatives, have found great success in enhancing their business operations. With its advanced features, seamless integration, and dedicated support, Rapid POS has proven to be a valuable solution for businesses seeking to elevate their point of sale experience and achieve greater efficiency and profitability.
Let us show you how Rapid POS can directly benefit your store and why we are the leading QuickBooks POS replacement software.

Customizations & Available Integrations

Certified NCR Partner

NCR's Partner, Rapid POS, is the best QuickBooks POS Replacement System

Is QuickBooks desktop POS being phased out?

Is QuickBooks Desktop being phased out in 2023?

Is QuickBooks point of sale being discontinued?

Can QuickBooks Online be used as a POS system?

What do I look for in a point of sale software that is a QuickBooks POS Replacement?


October will be here soon and it takes about 90 days to implement your system. Start the conversation today!

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